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Dan'l's Multiapostrophic LiveJournal

Taking no prisoners, hiding no names

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24 June 1958
A native New Yorker transplanted to the Left Coast in my teens, I've never quite been able to negotiate between the tense attitude of the one and the mellow of the other ... but for better or worse the Bay Area appears to be Home, and I've lived in the city of Alameda since 1985.

I write stuff for fun and money. (Money is good.) For most of my adult life I have made my life writing training materials for technology companies, so I get to call myself a professional writer even though I haven't sold any freelance material in over a decade.

I'm married to a wonderful woman. We have two adult kids (both living at home, grnarph!) and a quintet of quadrupeds (four felids and a canid). I have amazing friends whom I wouldn't trade for any amount of money. Life is good, so why do I suffer from depression? O well...
alan moore, alfred bester, allan sherman, alternative history, anarchism, animation, apologetics, babylon 5, ben franklin, blondie, book reviewing, c.s. lewis, catholicism, cats, charles addams, charles williams, chicago (band), christianity, civil liberties, comic books, david bowie, death, discordianism, disney, donald e. westlake, edward gorey, evolutionary biology, evolutionary psychology, evolutionary theory, fantasy, frank zappa, gene wolfe, general semantics, genesis (band), gentle giant, grammar, h.p. lovecraft, harlan ellison, horror fiction, human space exploration, illuminatus!, independent bookstores, intellect, intertextuality, ipod, isaac asimov, j.g. ballard, j.r.r. tolkien, james blish, james branch cabell, james joyce, jesus, joanna russ, john adams, king crimson, language(s), le guin, legion of super-heroes, lewis carroll, libertarianism, linguistics, lord dunsany, mac os x, magma (band), mark twain, mathematical logic, monty python, musicals, neil gaiman, nektar, nlp, paper rpgs, penguins, pete townshend, peter gabriel, philosophy, physics, politics, presidents, progressive rock, punctuation, red elvises, robert heinlein, rottweilers, salem hill, samuel delany, san francisco, science fiction, sf fandom, sf/fantasy, sinnead o'connor, spider robinson, steeleye span, stephen king, t.s. eliot, taoism, terry pratchett, the inklings, the prisoner, the residents, the roches, the who, the wizard of oz, they might be giants, thomas m. disch, tim powers, tom lehrer, tying wide-ranging facts together, urban fantasy, ursula k. le guin, weird al, wikipedia, wile e. coyote, words, writing, zappa

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