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Follow-up to the post below

I will not be ruled by fear. I must fight. *WE* must fight. You-Know-Who is the battle of our times, and we cannot stand idle.

We must fight, not just against, but *for* -- for decency and the real American values -- whether they be Christian values, Jewish values, Muslim values, or Atheist values; Hindu values, Buddhist values, Sikh and Jain and Agnostic and Pagan and Neo-Pagan or Wiccan values -- the values that all belief systems of any value hold dear, of respect for the dignity of the human person, stewardship for the care of Creation, and awe in the presence of the creative Force.

We must fight as if our lives depended upon it, for lives do depend upon it: if not ours, then those of others; thus we must and can and will stand up, as many times as it takes, and say: Not this time, motherf-----s; if you come for some of us, you will have to face *ALL* of us, and we ain't backing down, no how no way.

We must fight for the innocent, the widow and the orphan, the oppressed and the refugee, remembering that our own good fortune is unearned and provisional, as is their ill fortune.

We must fight with the Sword of Righteousness, for, as Mrs. Obama said, when they go low, we MUST go high; we must not throw the first punch, but be ready and willing to throw the last punch; we must speak truth to power and accept the consequences of our words and actions.

We must fight for -- yes -- truth, justice, and the American way (remember: Superman is an illegal alien refugee created by Jews...) -- and, no matter how He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and his henchpeople try to hide behind the Flag and Patriotism, refuse them that privilege.

What this means is still a little inchoate for me. I can sign petitions, donate money where it will count (but don't ask me where, it's NOYB), and maybe attend the occasional protest: but that seems like not-enough.

I suppose we all feel that what we do is not-enough, but perhaps all these not-enoughs can add up to something bigger than the sum of us.

Comments encouraged.
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