sturgeonslawyer (sturgeonslawyer) wrote,

Culcha Waw

Yes, friends, we are in a cultural war, but it isn't any of those that the right wing pundits try to define, neither between liberal and conservative, nor between Christian and non-Christian, nor between

The real culture war is between those who hold to radical, fundamentalist ideologies of any kind, and sane people.

And the crazies, I'm sad to say, are winning.

They are winning because their storyline is easier for lazy minds to follow.

They are winning because there are no depths they will not stoop to, no tool they will not use, to forward their agendas.

They are winning because we can't believe they'll really go there; but over and over again, they do.

They are winning because we have scruples and they have none.

They are winning because they have absolute belief that they are right and everybody else is wrong.

I am very, very afraid...
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