sturgeonslawyer (sturgeonslawyer) wrote,

Read: Head Games (Locke & Key Volume 2) by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez

The adventures of the Locke family in the Keyhouse continue.

Bode, the youngest of the three Locke siblings finds yet another magical key: this one allows you to open someone's head, put things in, and take things out. Makes studying for a final easy - just cram the book into your head. Don't like your fears? Just pull 'em out.

But the Head Key can be dangerous, especially in the hands of an enemy - like Zack Wells, a/k/a Lucas Don Caravaggio, a/k/a Dodge, the dead-but-alive enemy of the Locke family who escaped from the well in volume 1. Even without an enemy the damn thing is dangerous: imagine being entirely without fear; it might make you a little ... stupid.

_Head Games_ is actually a little light on plot compared to the first; it seems to be putting things into place in a way that wasn't so evident in _Welcome to Lovecraft_.

Nothing that will stop me from continuing, though. The characters, especially Bode, continue to be engaging and plausible (given their situation). Rodriguez's art is as vivid as one might hope for. And Dodge's actions raise some real chills.
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