sturgeonslawyer (sturgeonslawyer) wrote,

Read: Welcome to Lovecraft (Locke & Key Volume 1) by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez (2016-62)

Ok, so it's no big secret that the writing half of this team is Stephen King's son, who chooses not to trade on the family name. But, if this is a good example of his work, he's good.

The story of the Locke family begins in summer. Rendell Locke, a high school guidance counsellor in California, is killed by two of his students, Sam and Al. Al is killed in the process, and Sam badly hatcheted.

The family - his wife, Nina, and their three children - Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode - go to live with Rendell's brother Duncan, in Key House in Lovecraft, MA. Here weird things happen - at first, mostly to young Bode, who finds a strange key; with this key he opens a door that, when he walks through it, he dies, but only temporarily. It allows Bode to experience being a ghost, and see things he couldn't otherwise see.

Meanwhile, Sam, with some mysterious help, escapes from prison and begins hitching East...

The tension starts high and ratchets up as the story progresses. The immediate story is complete, but has seeds of a larger story sown.

And the art? Clean and clear, with a slightly washed-out color palette (by Jay Fotos) not at all like the lurid four-color comix of my youth. To call it _beautiful_ might be a slight exaggeration, but it's certainly beyond functional, certainly contributes a great deal to the feel of the story. I can recommend it without hesitation to anyone who likes intelligent horror.
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